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Open Geometry Problems - Index 7

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Triangle, Altitudes, Parallel, Circumcircle, Angle

Geometry Problem 715.
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Triangle, Altitudes, Parallel, Circumcircle, Angle, Measurement.

Distance between the incenter to the centroid

Problem 690: Distance between the Incenter and the Centroid of a Triangle.
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Formula in terms of the sides a,b,c.

Triangle, Excircles, Tangent, Concurrency

Geometry Problem 689.
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Triangle, Three Excircles, Tangency points, Tangent lines, Concurrent Lines, Mind Map.

Collinear points, Intersecting circles 

Geometry Problem 675.
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Intersecting Circles, Secant, 45 and 90 Degrees, Collinear Points.

Triangle, Altitude, Angles

Geometry Problem 674.
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Triangle, Altitude, Angles.

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