The Incas: Machu Picchu, Intihuatana

The Intihuatana, Machu Picchu. Satellite Map and News

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The Intihuatana, also known as the "hitching post of the sun" is a carved rock built on a rise above the Sacred Plaza. Its main purpose was an astro-agricultural clock for viewing the complex interrelationships between the movements of the stars and constellations. The Intihuatana appears to be aligned with four important mountains: La Veronica to the east, directly south sits the father of all mountains in this part of Peru, Salcantay, to the west the peak of Pumasillo; and due north stands the majestic peak of Huayna Picchu.

Huayna Picchu over Machu Picchu, Cusco
Huayna Picchu also known as Wayna Picchu (Quechua: "Young Peak") is a mountain in Peru around which the Urubamba River bends. It rises over Machu Picchu and divides it into sections. The Incas built a trail up the side of the Huayna Picchu and built temples and terraces on its top. The peak of Huayna Picchu is about 2,720 metres (8,920 ft) above sea level, or about 360 metres (1,180 ft) higher than Machu Picchu. Source: Wikipedia, Huayna Picchu.


The Intihuatana, Machu Picchu