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The Simson Line, Theorems and Problems - Table of Content

The Simson Line Index

Simson Line. A proof of Simson line with animation.

Angle between two Simson Lines. Proof with animation.
Transversal line. 

Interactive Simson Line

Interactive Simson Line. Dynamic Geometry.
Step-by-Step construction, Manipulation, and animation.
Collinear Points.

Geometry problem 1167

Geometry Problem 1167.
Triangle, Circle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees, Collinear Points.

Geometry Problem 1059

Geometry Problem 1059.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Orthocenter, Altitude, Perpendicular, Reflection of a Point over a Line, Collinear Points, Simson Line, Congruence.

Simson Line, Parallel

Geometry Problem 678.
Triangle, Simson Line, Circumcircle, Tangent, Parallel, Perpendicular, Collinear Points.

Elearn 493: Right triangle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular

Problem 493.
Right Triangle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, Chord.

Collinear Points Index

Collinear Points.
Theorems and Problems
Simson Line.

Transversal Line, Index

Transversal Lines.

Perpendicular Lines Index

Perpendicular lines.
Simson Line.





Cyclic Quadrilateral Index

Cyclic Quadrilateral.
Simson Line. 


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