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Geometry for Children

Video: How to make platonic solids with gum drops and tooth picks,

Interactive Mind Map of the Van Hiele Model of Geometric Thought 

Kaleidoscope of equilateral triangles and circles. iPad Apps

Kaleidoscope of Geometry Problem 1238. Mobile Apps.

Geometric art or Langley's Problem

Geometric art of Langley's Problem.

Rhombus Word Cloud

Rhombus Word Cloud. Geometry for Kids.

Van Hiele Model Word Cloud

Van Hiele Model Word Cloud.

El Chino Mine, open pit copper mine geometry

El Chino Mine.
Circular Shapes: Geometry in El Chino Mine, open-pit copper mine.

Kaleidoscope of Problem 1239 Mobile Apps

Kaleidoscope of Geometry Problem 1239. Mobile Apps.

Kaleidoscope Index

Kaleidoscopes Index.  

Puzzle: Marions Walter Theorem

Geometry: Jigsaw Puzzle: Marion Walter's Theorem.
32 Quadrilateral Pieces.

Kaleidoscope of Problem 760 Poincare Disk Model

Kaleidoscope of Problem 760 based on Poincare Disk Model.

Isolines of problem 1198

Geometry Art: Isolines or Contour Lines of Problem 1198, Right Triangle, Squares, 90 Degrees, Graphic, Design

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