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Jean François Niceron, 'La Perspective Curieuse', 1638 Selective Colorization

La perspective curieuse, 'Magie articielle des effets merveilleux de l'optique par la vision directe, Paris, 1638

This richly illustrated manual on perspective revealed for the first time the secrets of anamorphosis and trompe l'oeil. It contained the first published reference to Descartes's derivation of the law of refraction. First published in 1638 with 25 plates only, Niceron's work was later enlarged by Roberval in a far inferior edition (1663).

Divided into four Books, the first Book presents briefly the fundamental geometrical theorems, and then develops a general method of perspective, borrowing heavily from Alberti and Dürer..

Jean-François Niceron

Jean-François Niceron (1613-1646) was a French mathematician, Minim friar, and painter of anamorphic art, on which he wrote the ground-breaking book, "La Perspective Curieuse."

Source: Wikipedia, Jean-François Niceron




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