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Solid Geometry

iPad Apps: Shapes - 3D

iPad Apps: Shapes -3D (Solids Elementary HD) Index.
Solid Geometry.

iPad Apps: Shapes - 3D, Regular Dodecahedron

iPad Apps: Shapes - 3D (Solids Elementary HD), Unfolded Regular Dodecahedron.

Platonic Solids, Interactive animation.
HTML5 Animation for iPad and Nexus
Flash Animation.

Da Vincy Polyhedra Index

Da Vinci Polyhedra and Jenn 3D tool.

Tetrahedron in the cube

de Gua's theorem

Geometry Problem 800: de Gua's Theorem
Pythagorean theorem in 3-D, Tetrahedron, Cubic Vertex, Triangular Pyramid, Apex, Height, Right Triangle Area, Base Area, Projected Area.

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