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Brain Tools - Index

Brain Tool Index

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps 001, Software, iPad, Point, Line, Plane.

fractBG Triangle

iPad Apps: fractBG, Triangle.
Fractal Image with Triangles.

Notability for iPad

Note-Taking Apps: Notability for iPad, Interactive Mind Map.

TouchDraw for iPad

Vector Drawing Apps: TouchDraw for iPad, Interactive Mind Map.

iPad Apps Autodesk 123D

SketchBook Pro for iPad, Interactive Mind Map.
Professional-quality sketching capabilities

Google Books Ngram: Mathematics

Google Books Ngram Viewer: Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Topology
This is Google Trends for all published (and scanned) English books in the past 200 years (1800-2000) about the ngrams: Algebra, Arithmetic, Set theory, Calculus, Geometry, Topology, Combinatorics, Number theory and Differential equations.

Poly for iPad

Poly for iPad.
Polygonal Art, Delaunay Triangulation.

Prism HD for iPad

iPad Apps: Prism HD Index.
Exploration of real light shining through glass prisms.

Regular Decagon Art. iPad Apps: Spangled

iPad Apps: Spangled!.
Regular Decagon Art.

Fractal Image with pentagons. iPad Apps: fractBG

iPad Apps: fractBG.
Fractal Image with Pentagons.

Fractal Image with Squares. iPad Apps: fractBG

iPad Apps: fractBG.
Fractal Image with Squares.

Microsoft Bing - Tag, Word Cloud

Microsoft Bing Word Cloud and News.

Google Android Word Cloud

Android: Word Cloud and News.

Problem solving techniques, mind map

Problem Solving Techniques, Interactive Mind Map.

Pentagon Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Pentagon.
Visual Summary.

Angle Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Angle.
Visual Summary.

Jenn 3D Software mindmap

Jenn 3D, free software tool for visualizing Coxeter polytopes.
Interactive mind map.

Word Cloud Index

Word Cloud or Tag Cloud Index
Weighted list in visual design.

Albert Einstein at the age of 12

Albert Einstein and the Pythagorean theorem.
A preteen Albert Einstein devised a new proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

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